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Web Chat Deployment

In this section, you can take the first step by creating a Web Chat Integration in WOZTELL. You can either apply it as a Web Chat Plug-in to your webpage, or have the first taste of the chatbot experience in a full page Web Chat

Full page Web Chat

Create Web Chat Channel

  1. In WOZTELL, head to "Channels" page and select "+ Channel".
Create Web Chat Channel
  1. Select the Web Chat Integration by clicking "Next".
Create Web Chat Channel
  1. Select "Create Channel".
Create Web Chat Channel
  1. Create a "Channel Name" and "Channel Description" (optional).
Create Web Chat Channel
  1. You will be redirected to the "Platform" page once the integration is successfully installed.
Create Web Chat Channel

Apply Web Chat Plug-in

  1. Head to "Platform" of your Web Chat channel.

  2. You can find the Head Script and the Body Script. You can add them to your webpage in order to apply the web chat plug-in.

Web Chat Head Script
  1. You can customize the body script based on your use case. Based on what you input in the fields, the body script will be updated in real time.
Default OpenbooleanControl if the messenger frame should be opened when web chat successfully initialize. Default is false
refstringFor passing custom data when user start a conversation with the chatbot for the first time
GreetingsstringCustom text displayed next to the icon before the icon is clicked
Default LocalestringSet the initial locale of the user, this should be one of the locale group name you created in the Web Chat integration
Not Ready Icon URLstringImage URL to customize the icon shown when there is network connection issue with our Web Chat server
Not Ready TextstringCustom text when there is network connction issue with our web chat server
Load DelayIntegerDefault: 3000ms; the time to wait until the not ready icon shows up, during the waiting time the system will check if the Web Chat is ready every 300ms
Web Chat Body Script
  1. Besides, you can copy the link from "Test Your Bot", and try out your Web Chat in full page.
Web Chat Body Script