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Navigate the Platform

WOZTELL offers numerous features for accessing in the platform. In order to make good use of these tools, you will need to learn how to navigate the platform.


The Inbox is a built-in system that enables you to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing channels in the platform. Thus, you are able to provide instant live chat support without the need to switch between different applications.


Channels is the section where you could select the messaging platform you would like to deploy your chatbot onto.


The Broadcast allows you create and send broadcast notifications to your target group of members.


Members is where you can find the profile of all your subscribers of your chatbots. Anybody who have talked to your chatbot will be displayed here in list view. You can take a look at their tags and detailed conversation history.


Dashboard is the section where you can find the analytics and tracking of all your chatbots and users.


Builder includes a set of tools you would need for building a chatbot.

Bot Builder

Bot Builder is the where you store and build the chatbot from scratch.

Data Sources

Data Source is where you create mini-database only for your chatbot.

Media Library

Media Library is the section where you can upload media files to be used in the chatbot response. You can upload images, videos, audios and files.


The Logs allows WOZTELL users to track the chatbot performance on a backend level. This is perfect for debugging as it will display all the necessary information on what went wrong.

Bot Languages

Bot Languages is where you can add new languages to be supported by your chatbots.


Triggers is where your trigger resource templates are stored.


Responses is where your response resource templates are stored.


Actions is where your action resource templates are stored.


Marketplace is where you can manage the extensions build by us and external developers.

  • Marketplace: Extensions that are listed and available for installation.
  • Installed Extensions: Extensions installed in your app.
  • Chatbot Template Gallery: Chatbot templates that you can download and import into your app.


General Settings

General Settings is related to the general information of this app, such as the business profile settings.


Account allows you manage the account information including the log-in email and password.

Access Tokens

Access Tokens enables you to generate and manage the access tokens of this app.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail keeps track of all the changes made over time in your app. It will also provide the time, the location & the user who created the change. This feature allows you to backtrack your changes and make appropriate amendments if necessary.

Team Member

Team Member allows you to invite and manage members in your app. Team members will be given various roles and access right respectively.


Subscription allows you to manage everything related to billing, subscriptions and deposit transactions.

App Profile

The App Profile is displayed as a dropdown when you click on the app name at the top right corner, which includes information about your app, such as user email, organization ID and account.