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Connect Channels to the Inbox Integration


In WOZTELL, the Inbox Integration is a built-in inbox system that enables you to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing channels in the platform. Thus, you are able to provide instant live chat support without the need to switch between different applications.


The Inbox Integration is now available in all the existing apps and will be pre-installed for new apps in the future.

Connect to Channel

  1. To connect inbox to your existing channels, you can head to the inbox page and select "Settings" at the bottom right corner.
  1. Head to the "Channels" tab, a list of the existing channels will be displayed. Click "Connect" to connect a channel to the inbox.

Alternatively, you can connect the inbox in the "Channels" page.

  1. Now, when an end user talk to you via the connected platform, the conversation will be shown in the inbox's "Main Folder".