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WOZTELL is a chatbot builder platform which enables you to build your own bot easily in a code-free interface. It consists of 5 major working sections, that cover the most common workflow and use cases on the platform.

If you do not have a WOZTELL account yet, follow this guide to create a free account within 2 minutes!


You can start building a chatbot here at the Bot Builder, including creating new conversation flows, writing different types of responses and chatbot logic. Besides, there are a list of tools for importing data, managing media files, setting bot languages, etc. .

WOZTELL Bot Builder
Bot Builder

You can visit your Bot Builder here.


Inbox is a built-in inbox system that enables you to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing channels in the platform. Thus, you are able to read and reply customer's messages in real time.


Members is the section where you can find the profile of all your subscribers of your chatbots. Anybody who have talked to your chatbot will be displayed here in list view. You can take a look at their tags and detailed conversation history.


Dashboard is the section where you can find the analytics and tracking of all your chatbots and users.
WOZTELL Dashboard


Once you have collected a number of subscribers, you can start sending them push messages through our Push Panel. You can create custom audience with different tags and attributes, then send custom push messages in different message types to them. It also comes with a simple analytics chart for review.

WOZTELL Push Panel
Push Panel

Click here to visit your Push Panel.