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Roles & Permissions in Inbox Integration

Inbox Settings

In this section, we will introduce what you can control and adjust in the inbox settings page.


The "Profile" tab is where you can customize your own agent profile. You can update the Profile Image, Name and Email.

You can switch between channels to edit the Agent Profile. A profile is specific to one channel only, and it is not shared between different channels.


The "Agent" tab allows you to view all the agents assigned to a specific channel.

Each channel has its own group of agents, you can switch between different channels.

The profile of each agent can be viewed in this tab. You can select "Edit" to edit the agent profile.

You can select "+ Add Agent" to add a new agent to this channel. The picker will return users who have been added to this channel.


The "Users" tab allows you to control the user's access to the specific channels. Admin is automatically added to all channels, while User only has access to the selected channel(s).

Admin can determine which channel(s) that a user can have access to.


The "Channels" page is for connecting or disconnecting the channels. All existing channels of the app will be listed here.

Roles & Permission System

The addition of the inbox integration means that you might need more team members to work in your WOZTELL app, such as customer service agents. Therefore, for better team management, the inbox integration also has its own set of roles and permissions.

Role in Apps & Inbox

Before being able to access the inbox, a user must be a team member at the app level. The app's team member will be displayed in the "Users" tab of the inbox settings page.

Inherited Admin

App Owner and Admin at app level will be auto assigned as an Admin at inbox level.

As the Inherited Admin, their inbox level roles cannot be edited or removed unless they are no longer App Owner or Admin at app level.


Inherited Admin is considered as an Admin with almost identical access rights in the inbox.

Other app level roles can either be User or Admin in the inbox, but their roles in inbox can be edited by the inbox Admin.

The following is a summary of the relationship between app level roles and inbox level roles:

RolesApp OwnerAdminOther Roles
Inherited Admin
Inbox AdminYesYesPossible
Inbox UserNoNoPossible

Inbox Roles

As mentioned earlier, at the inbox level, a team member can either be Admin or User. The following is a summary of the access rights at the inbox level:

Inbox Roles(Inherited)
Access to "Channels" tabYesYesNo
Connect/Disconnect ChannelYesYesNo
Access to "Users" tabYesYesNo
Assign inbox roleYesYesNo
Promote User to AdminYesYesNo
Demote AdminYesNoNo
Demote (Inherited) AdminNoNoNo
Assign channels to UserYesYesNo
Access to "Agent" tabYesYesYes
Access to "Profile" tabYesYesYes
Edit own profileYesYesYes
Create FolderYesYesNo
Delete FolderYesYesNo

In the "Agent" tab, for each channel, the assigned agent also have two possible roles: Manager or Agent.

The Manager can decide who to be included in a certain channel. Besides, the Inbox Admin must become a Manager, while the Inbox User can either be a Manager or Agent.

The following is a summary of the access rights in the "Agent" tab:

Roles in "Agent"ManagerAgent
Add new agentYesNo
Remove agentYesNo
View profileYesYes
Edit profileYesNo
Edit role in "Agent"YesNo

In the "Agent" tab, you can also edit the inbox level role of a person. Please note the permission required to perform these actions will be based on the inbox level role instead of the role in the "Agent".