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Billing & Subscription

WOZTELL allows user to manage their Subscription and Invoice under the Billing tab.

Users can head to "Settings",and select "Billing".



You can check out the subscription plan under the "Subscription" page. Once you have subscribed to one of the paid plan, you can view the Subscription Details, Payment Method and Billing Details of this WOZTELL account.


Upgrade your Plan

WOZTELL allows users to sign up and have their first chatbot building experience for free. In default, all the new sign-up users will be subscribing to a free plan, which allows them to use WOZTELL with up to 100 Monthly Active Users (MAU). However, users won't be able to send out any messages when the MAU limit is reached.

It is highly recommended to upgrade the subscription in order to avoid sudden disruption of your service. Here are the steps for free users to upgrade their subscription:

  1. In Settings, select Billing -> Subscription. Then, select Upgrade Now.
  1. Select the subscription plan that fits you the most.
  1. Fill in and confirm the billing details.
  1. The details of the selected subscription plan will be displayed.
  1. Enter the payment information. Finally, click Subscribe to confirm.


Under "Invoice", the monthly invoice for your subscription will be published in this page. You can click "View" to get the detailed version.



Under "Transaction", the addition and consumption of the deposit will be displayed. Whenever the account top-up the deposit or the WhatsApp conversation fees are deducted from the deposit, a new entry will be created in this page.

WOZTELL Transaction
WOZTELL Transaction


The "Transaction" page also enables you to apply filters to the deposit record. You can filter the record by the Transaction Type: "Debit" or "Credit"; and by the selected Date Range.

WOZTELL Transaction
WOZTELL Transaction

Deposit Top-up

In WOZTELL, in order to make sure that our customers will not be overcharged and always have at least 10% of the total spending as reserve, we have the deposit top-up mechanism called the Pre-emptive Recharge.

The daily costs generated from WhatsApp conversations will be charged after 3 days, so that our platform is able to collate the amount with the record from WhatsApp. Once we have confirmed the exact amount to be charged, and when the remaining credits are insufficient pay for the expenses without dropping below the 10% safety net, WOZTELL will top-up extra amount to the credits to secure the 10% safety net for the upcoming charge from WhatsApp conversations.


Given an account has a debit of $300 today, the WOZTELL platform will first check with the current balance. If the current balance will drop below 10% after the $300 deduction, the platform will add credit today.

However, the $300 debit will not be recorded on the book until 3 days later. As a result, the platform can make sure this account have at least 10% + $300 of remaining deposit.


In WOZTELL, you can also export the transaction records as a .CSV file by clicking the "Export" button under the "Transaction" page.

WOZTELL Transaction

The transaction report consists of the following information:

Field NameDescription
DateDate of transaction
TypeType of transaction: CREDIT or DEBIT
Item CodeA code that represents type of the transaction in details
DescriptionDescription of the transaction
CurrencyCurrency used for the transaction
AmountAmount of the transaction
Unit AmountUnit amount if the multiple transactions are done at one time
QuantityQuantity of multiple transactions that are done at one time
BalanceTransaction balance
Invoice IDUnique ID of associated invoice
WA-CONVERSATION Billing PeriodThe billing period of the WhatsApp conversation
WABA IDUnique ID of a WhatsApp business account
Phone NumberWhatsApp phone number associated with the conversation charged
CountryCountry of the conversation
Conversation CategoryCategory of the WhatsApp conversation
Conversation TypeType of WhatsApp conversation
Conversation DirectionHow a WhatsApp conversation is initiated from
Conversation CountCount of WhatsApp conversation
Conversation CostCost of WhatsApp conversation
pre-emptive WA-CONVERSATION check From DateStart date of the pre-emptive checking of WhatsApp conversation cost
pre-emptive WA-CONVERSATION check To DateEnd date of the pre-emptive checking of WhatsApp conversation cost
pre-emptive WA-CONVERSATION costPre-emptive WhatsApp conversation cost