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Access Token

An access token is an opaque string that identifies a user or a user's privileges and can be used by applications to make API calls to WOZTELL.

Scope Permissions

The token includes information about when the token will expire and which user generated the token. There are different scopes and permissions of access tokens to support different use cases:

Access Token TypeDescription
bot:adminGrant all Bot APIs access
bot:sendResponsesGrant permissions to send responses on behalf of bot
bot:redirectMemberToNodeGrant permissions to redirect member to node on behalf of bot
api:adminGrant all APIs access
integration:adminGrant all Integration APIs access
integration:writeGrant permissions to create & update Integration
integration:deleteGrant permissions to delete Integration
file:adminGrant all File APIs access
file:waGetGrant permisisons to get file url by WhatsApp media ID
member:adminGrant all Member APIs access
member:readGrant permissions to read Member list by externalId or memberId
member:writeGrant permissions to create & update Member

Access Token Generation

Access tokens are generated via the following method. You can open the settings here,

  1. Head to "Access Token" under "Settings".

  2. Go to "Generate Access Token".

Access Token in Settings
Access Token in Settings
  1. Choose the expiration date & time. If you do not select any time, the token will be long-lived.
Access Token with Expiry Date
Access Token with Expiry Date
Skip the Expiration Time if you want the Access Token to be long-lived.
Skip the Expiration Time if you want the Access Token to be long-lived.
  1. Select the scope and permissions you require in the access token.

  2. Select the length of token you would like to obtain. Then, click "Generate".

Generate Access Token
Generate Access Token
  1. The Access Token in the your selected length will be generated.


Head to Active access tokens. Long and short tokens can be viewed in separate tabs.

Active Access Token
Active Access Token

You can do the following action:

Access TokenThe generated Access Token; You may click to copy the token
ScopesThe scope & permission of the Access Token
IssuerThe issuer of the Access Token
Expired AtThe expiration time of the Access Token; "Never" means the token is long-lived
RevokeRevoking the Access Token will render it useless