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Member is an object that exists in our database, which contains the information about the chatbot member, which can be accessed by this as this.member. When all the redirected nodes are executed, the botMeta, meta, customLocale and group fields will be patched to the member object in the database. The updated member object will be in this scope when WOZTELL receives the next message event from the member.


// => "TEXT"
_idBSONPrimary key of the field
externalIdStringMember's ID in 3rd party database
appStringThe App's / Organizations ID
channelStringChannel's ID
platformStringChannel that the member is in
botIdStringIntegration specific id
botMetaObjectAllow the temporary storage of Data. This contains information about the chatbot status of the member. For example, this.member.botMeta.liveChat is a boolean indicating the live chat status of the member, this.member.botMeta.nodeCompositeId and this.member.botMeta.tree are strings indicating the current location of the member, this.member.botMeta.tempData is an object to store temporary data, usually for later uses when the member continues on the chatbot flow.
metaObjectAllow the storage of data
tags[String]The labels that classify the members
firstNameStringOptional Member's first name
lastNameStringOptional Member's last name
genderStringOptional Member's gender
localeStringOptional This is a string representing the language used by the member in a 3rd party system. If the language needs to be changed within the chatbot flow, this.member.customLocale can be edited to reflect the new language. The string should match one of the Language Groups set in WOZTELL. The customLocale will overwrite the locale when WOZTELL is selecting the language specific responses to send to the member.
customLocaleStringThe language of the member uses. This value needs to be updated through actions inside nodes.
profilePicStringOptional URL of a member's profile picture
createdAtLongThe timestamp of creation of this data
updatedAtLongThe timestamp of the last update of this data
etagStringThe id that is used to match the data version

botMeta object

treeStringOptional Tree that the member is located at
nodeCompositeIdStringOptional Location of the member in the bot flow
subscribeBooleanStatus of the member is subscribed to push notification
liveChatBooleanStatus of the live chat
tempDataObjectOptional Allow the temporary storage of Data