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Available only on Teamwork and WhatsApp.

Member is an object that contains all the information about the group. This is a property available only in live chat. Whenever there are some incoming or outgoing messages need to be processed by the bot or tree during live chat, this property will be added into the this object, which can be accessed by

// => "TEXT"
_idBSONPrimary key of the field
_versionnumberVersion of the group
activebooleanStatus of the group is active
adminstringGroup admin ID
adminExternalIdstringGroup admin ID in 3rd party database
appstringThe App's / Organizations ID
assignmentstring_id of the assignment after the admin has been assigned to the live chat
botIdstringGroup bot ID
createdAtnumberThe timestamp of creation of this data
externalIdstringGroup ID in 3rd party database
inletstringID of the channel that initiates live chat request
namestringGroup name
metaobjectAllow the storage of data
memberstringMember that requests live chat
outletstringID of the channel that receive live chat request
typestringGroup channel
updatedAtnumberThe timestamp of the last update of this data
validbooleanStatus of the group is valid or not