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Access Control List

You can refer to here for the management of access tokens.

Scope Permissions

The token includes information about when the token will expire and which user generated the token. There are different scopes and permissions of access tokens to support different use cases.

The following is the list of access token available in WOZTELL in alphabetical order:

Access Token TypeDescription
accessToken:createGrant permission to create access token
accessToken:deleteGrant permission to delete access token
accessToken:listGrant permission to list all access token
account:updateGrant permission to update account settings
action:createGrant permission to create Action in Tree or Global Nodes
action:deleteGrant permission to delete Action in Tree or Global Nodes
action:readGrant permission to read Action of Tree or Global Nodes
action:updateGrant permission to update Action in Tree or Global Nodes
agenda:createGrant permission to create Agenda
agenda:deleteGrant permission to delete Agenda
agenda:readGrant permission to read Agenda
agenda:updateGrant permission to update Agenda
api:adminGrant all APIs access
appInfo:getGrant permission to get your WOZTELL app's information
appIntegration:createGrant permission to create App Integration
appIntegration:deleteGrant permission to delete App Integration
appIntegration:listGrant permission to list all the App Integrations
appIntegration:updateGrant permission to update App Integration
appSettings:getGrant permission to get the WOZTELL App settings
appSettings:updateGrant permission to update the WOZTELL App settings
attachmentId:listGrant permission to list all attachment IDs
attachmentId:createGrant permission to create attachment ID
audience:createGrant permission to create Audience in Push Panel
audience:deleteGrant permission to delete Audience in Push Panel
audience:getGrant permission to get details of Audience in Push Panel
audience:listGrant permission to list all Audience in Push Panel
audience:updateGrant permission to update Audience in Push Panel
audience:readGrant permission to read Audience in Push Panel
auditTrail:listGrant permission to list all Audit Trail records
billing:createSubscriptionGrant permission to create subscription in Billing
billing:deleteSubscriptionGrant permission to delete subscription in Billing
billing:getSubscriptionGrant permission to get subscription in Billing
billing:listDepositTransactionsGrant permission to list all transactions on deposit
billing:listInvoicesGrant permission to list all invoices in Billing
billing:updateSubscriptionGrant permission to update subscription in Billing
bot:adminGrant all Bot APIs access
bot:sendResponsesGrant permissions to send responses on behalf of bot
bot:redirectMemberToNodeGrant permissions to redirect member to node on behalf of bot
botbuilder:manageGrant permission to manage the Bot Builder
botbuilder:readGrant permission to read Bot Builder's content
channel:createChannelGrant permission to create Channel
channel:deleteChannelGrant permission to delete Channel
channel:getAvailabilitiesGrant permission to get Business Availabilities settings
channel:getBasicInfoGrant permission to get Basic Information of Channel
channel:getBroadcastGroupSettingsGrant permission to get Broadcast Group settings
channel:getDetailsGrant permission to get Channel details
channel:getHooksSettingsGrant permission to get the hooks settings
channel:getLiveChatSettingsGrant permission to get Live Chat settings
channel:getPlatformInfoGrant permission to get Platform information in Channel
channel:getPlatformSettingsGrant permission to get Platform settings
channel:getTreeSettingsGrant permission to get all Tree settings
channel:listGrant permission to list all Channels
channel:updateAvailabilitiesGrant permission to update the Business Availabilities settings of Channel
channel:updateBasicInfoGrant permission to update the Basic Information of Channel
channel:updateBroadcastGroupSettingsGrant permission to update Broadcast Group settings`
channel:updateHooksSettingsGrant permission to update the hooks settings
channel:updateLiveChatSettingsGrant permission to update the Live Chat settings of Channel
channel:updatePlatformInfoGrant permission to update Platform Information in Channel
channel:updatePlatformSettingsGrant permission to update Platform Settings in Channel
channel:updateTreeSettingGrant permission to update the Tree settings of Channel
chat:createGrant permission to create chat
condition:createGrant permission to create Condition in Trigger settings
condition:deleteGrant permission to delete Condition in Trigger settings
condition:updateGrant permission to update Condition in Trigger settings
condition:readGrant permission to read Condition of Trigger settings
dashboard:listAgentsGrant permission to list the agent data from the Ticketing Dashboard
dashboard:listAnalyticsGrant permission to list the analytics data (i.e. count/unique count) from the Analytics Dashboard
dashboard:listAssignmentGrant permission to list the assignment data from the Ticketing Dashboard
dashboard:listCommentReplyGrant permission to list the comment reply data from the Comment Reply Dashboard
dashboard:listNlpAnalyticsGrant permission to list the NLP data from the NLP Analytics Dashboard
dashboard:listTicketingGrant permission to list the ticketing data from the Ticketing Dashboard
dashboard:listUsersGrant permission to list the user data from User Dashboard
dashboard:listWhatsappAnalyticsGrant permission to list the WhatsApp-related data from the WhatsApp Analytics Dashboard
dataSource:createDatasourceGrant permission to create Data Source
dataSource:createDocGrant permission to create document in Data Source
dataSource:deleteDatasourceGrant permission to delete Data Source
dataSource:deleteDocGrant permission to delete document in Data Source
dataSource:exportDatasourceGrant permission to export Data Source
dataSource:getDocGrant permission to get the content of document in Data Source
dataSource:importDatasourceGrant permission to import Data Source
dataSource:listDatasourceGrant permission to list all Data Source
dataSource:listDocsGrant permission to list all documents in Data Source
dataSource:updateDatasourceGrant permission to update Data Source
dataSource:updateDocGrant permission to update document in Data Source
file:adminGrant all File APIs access
file:waGetGrant permisisons to get file url by WhatsApp media ID
integration:adminGrant all Integration APIs access
integration:createGrant permission to create integration
integration:deleteGrant permissions to delete Integration
integration:getGrant permission to get integration
integration:listGrant permission to list integration
integration:readGrant Integration list & read permissions
integration:updateGrant permission to update integration
integration:writeGrant permissions to create & update Integration
localeGroup:readGrant permission to read Locale Group
log:listGrant permission to list logs
mediaLibrary:createGrant permission to create the content of Media Library
mediaLibrary:deleteGrant permission to delete the content of Media Library
mediaLibrary:getGrant permission to get the content of Media Library
mediaLibrary:listGrant permission to list the content of Media Library
mediaLibrary:updateGrant permission to update the content of Media Library
member:adminGrant all Member APIs access
member:createGrant permission to create new member
member:deleteGrant permission to delete member
member:exportGrant permission to export members in .csv format
member:getConversationGrant permission to get member's conversation history
member:getDetailsGrant permission to get member's detail
member:importGrant permission to import member in .csv format
member:listGrant permission to list all members
member:readGrant permissions to read Member list by externalId or memberId
member:ToggleLiveChatGrant permission to toggle Live Chat mode for member
member:updateDetailsGrant permission to update member's detail
member:writeGrant permissions to create & update Member
node:createGrant permission to create Tree or Global Nodes
node:deleteGrant permission to delete Tree or Global Nodes
node:readGrant permission to read Tree or Global Nodes
node:updateGrant permission to update Tree or Global Nodes
priorityGroup:createGrant permission to create Priority Group
priorityGroup:deleteGrant permission to delete Priority Group
priorityGroup:getGrant permission to get Priority Group
priorityGroup:listGrant permission to list all the Priority Group
priorityGroup:updateGrant permission to update Priority Group
push:createGrant permission to create push content in Push Panel
push:deleteGrant permission to delete push content in Push Panel
push:getGrant permission to get push content in Push Panel
push:listGrant permission to list all the pushes
push:updateGrant permission to update push content in Push Panel
response:createGrant permission to create Response in Tree Nodes
response:deleteGrant permission to delete Response in Tree Nodes
response:readGrant permission to read Response of Tree Nodes
response:updateGrant permission to update Response in Tree Nodes
teamMember:createGrant permission to create Team Member in WOZTELL App
teamMember:deleteGrant permission to delete Team Member in WOZTELL App
teamMember:deleteAllGrant permission to delete all team members of a WOZTELL App
teamMember:demoteAdminGrant permission to demote admin of a WOZTELL App
teamMember:listGrant permission to list all Team Members in WOZTELL App
teamMember:transferAppOwnerGrant permission to transfer WOZTELL App ownership to a specific team member
teamMember:updateGrant permission to update Team Member in WOZTELL App
tree:deleteGrant permission to delete Tree
tree:getBasicInfoGrant permission to get Basic Information of Tree
tree:getNodesGrant permission to get Tree or Global Nodes
tree:getTreeSettingGrant permission to get Tree Settings
tree:updateBasicInfoGrant permission to update Basic information of Tree
tree:updateNodesGrant permission to update Tree or Global Nodes
tree:updateTreeSettingGrant permission to update Tree Settings
trigger:createGrant permission to create Trigger
trigger:deleteGrant permission to delete Trigger
trigger:readGrant permission to read Trigger settings of Tree or Global Nodes
trigger:updateGrant permission to update Trigger
whatsapp:getFileGrant permission to get file on WhatsApp client
whatsappMessageTemplates:createGrant permission to create WhatsApp Message Template
whatsappMessageTemplates:deleteGrant permission to delete WhatsApp Message Templates
whatsappMessageTemplates:getGrant permission to get WhatsApp Message Template
whatsappMessageTemplates:listGrant permission to list all WhatsApp Message Template