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Standard Procedures (FAQ Chatbot) Overview

Example of FAQ Chatbot
Example of FAQ Chatbot

You may wonder what the difference between a FAQ chatbot and a standard built conversation tree flow on WOZTELL is. Imagine you have 100 FAQs for your chatbot. If you build according to the standard procedure, you would need 100 tree nodes to accommodate all the FAQs - it would be a pain to manage!

With just the effort of building a handful of nodes, FAQ module allows you to manage all your FAQs in the data source. You can manage unlimited FAQ entries in Excel and import it as a .CSV file to the data source. Then, you can let WOZTELL do the magic.

Example of FAQ Chatbot Data Source
Example of FAQ Chatbot Data Source

Level One - Build FAQ Chatbot Tree with Exact Keyword Match and Keyword Groups Match & Diversion

This section will guide you through the process of building a basic FAQ chatbot that matches exactly the user input with the keywords in the data source.

Level Two - Advanced Function & Analytics

You can actually trigger any existing chatbot tree flow with the help of FAQ data source and also add analytics to display the total & unique count of each matched FAQ entry.

Level Three - Filtering Questions

Apart from typing the text directly to the FAQ chatbot, filtering questions allows users to find their answer in a pre-set flow (similar to IVRS in phones). You can categorize your FAQ entries into 3 (or more) layers, so that users can just select the categories layer by layer until they reach the final answer.