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Pass Thread Control to Another App


The Facebook Messenger supports a feature called Handover Protocol Conversation Control, which allow you to pass the control over a thread to another app.

The most common use case is to handover the current conversation to the Inbox system inside the Meta Business Suite. As a result, your agent can handle this thread in the inbox.

Expected Outcome

End user can request and trigger the Thread Handover.

The agent is notified in the Meta Inbox, and be able to reply in live chat.

Eventually, the agent can select "Move to Done" to end the thread.


The chatbot will be disabled once the thread is passed. The agent must move the thread to "Done" in order to re-activate the chatbot.

Apply the Pass Thread Control

Create a General Node

  1. First, create a new node in your tree for passing the thread control.

Create a Response

  1. In the new node, create a response to indicate the handover.

Create "Pass Thread Control" action

  1. Add an Post-action, then select "Facebook Pass Thread Control".

The chatbot will be disabled once the thread is passed. If the action is executed before the response as a pre-action, the response will not be delivered.

  1. Select the corresponding Facebook page and input the Target Facebook App ID"

Please enter one of the following Target Facebook App ID:

  • Facebook Page Inbox: 263902037430900
  • Instagram Inbox: 1217981644879628

Create Global node and Trigger

  1. Create a global node for trigger the pass thread control.
  1. In this example, let's apply a keyword trigger.
  1. Toggle on "Redirect" and point to the "Pass Thread Control" node.
  1. Finally, add the tree to your Facebook channel and start testing.